Bird Net Solutions


People spend thousands of rupees per annum in getting rid of the devastation caused by pests such as rats, bugs, birds, termites etc. Kushagra pest master services recognize the extent of wreckage caused by the pests. Kpestmaster aims to provide their clients with the best pests control services and look after the healthy and hygienic environment. It is one of the popular pest management and control assistance firm in different cities of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Ajmer. Kpestmaster uses advanced technology and odourless chemicals to eliminate pests for the safety of their clients.

Invasion by some species of birds is noxious to people. Several birds like pigeons, starlings, and woodpecker build their nests in dense areas and even our homes. The amount of harm these birds can cause on a property can be excessive. They generally assemble in flocks which can prove to be harmful. They cause damage to roofs and fill it with faeces, nesting items like straw, mud etc. They also carry harmful parasites like mites and fleas which can be poisonous to humans and cause damage to the furniture at your homes.

Kpestmaster provides installations of anti-pest bird nets, as it is the most potential and dynamic way to stop bird’s menace. Installation of these bird nets is done with keeping international standards in mind. The Kpestmaster nets are rot free and chemically stabilised which helps them to withstand the high temperatures. Kpestmaster pest proof solutions are matched with global standards. With around thousands of satisfied clients, Kpestmaster is emerging as the best pest control company providing bird control and netting solutions.

One of the most essential reasons for pest control services is because of health issues. They can bring harmful diseases with them and that can be quite fatal. Besides the harm that they can do to property and resources, they can also cause some serious ailments to existing creatures and things. So hurry up and contact the Kushagra pest master now in order to take bird net solutions.


Started with PEST CONTROL SERVICES IN AJMER, KPM has now extended its services across Rajasthan. The team not only knows the tricks and techniques of controlling pest but also the experience it has gained throughout its journey also help us put forth best PEST CONTROL SERVICES IN RAJASTHAN.

Our Testimonial

I and my Husband often visit our kids which are settled abroad and stay there for few months. Every year, when we used to come back home after meeting our children, we used to find our home in a complete mess with woodwork severely damaged by rats, cockroaches and termites all together. Thanks to god, I found the Kushagra Pest Master team, as there are no bad feelings on opening the doors of my home after six months’ vacation abroad.

Mukesh Poddar

In the past few years, I have had very bad time dealing with flies, cockroaches, pests etc. I tried all the measures to get rid of this nuisance and was disappointed as nothing worked out well and pests never got out of my home. They made sure that not any corner is left untouched and since then there are no pests at my place. Had a great experience with Kushagra Pest Master. I am seriously very thankful to them.

Sonu Kumar