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Any living organism that is harmful to human health, food, property and has a nuisance value is called pest

Some of the common pests occurring in household situation include cockroaches, mosquitoes, houseflies, ants, silverfish, etc.

Complete eradication of a pest is not possible and is not a viable option. Therefore pest management is conducted which means application of options to reduce pest numbers to an acceptable level by use of various strategies in systematic way.

Pest control workers remove unwanted creatures, such as roaches, rats, ants, bedbugs, and termites from homes, buildings, and surrounding areas. They typically inspect buildings for signs of pests, determine the treatment needed, and estimate the cost of their services for customers.

1. American cockroach (Periplaneta americana), 2. German cockroach (Blatella germanica), 3. Brown banded cockroach (Supella longipalpa) and 4. Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

1. Anopheles (which may transmit Malaria) 2. Aedes (which may transmit Dengue) 3. Culex (which may transmit Filariasis)

Cockroaches can be controlled by using baits and spray formulations.Baits are formulations with very small amount of insecticide present in the food matrix which is usually preferred by cockroaches. Treatment with bait gels is also called passive treatment as cockroaches themselves find the bait and consume it. Bait formulations are non-messy and can be used in food preparation and handling areas where safety of product is a major concern. E.g. Maxforce Forte Spray formulations are applied along crawl spaces of the cockroaches, when these insects come in contact with the sprayed pesticide they get knocked down. E.g. K-Othrine Flow

Termites are social insects belonging to order isoptera. They feed on cellulose material like wood, paper, cloth, etc. for their survival. Termites are hidden invaders and are known to cause large scale damage to wood in service.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects belonging to cimicidae family. They feed exclusively on the blood of warm blooded animals like human beings, dogs, bats, birds, etc.

Bed bugs are hitchhikers and they infest homes by getting carried with human beings sharing common gathering areas like, public transport vehicles, movie halls, hotels, etc. Besides other methods pertaining to prevention of this insect, bed bugs can be controlled by application of spray formulations.

Due to the elusive nature of the bed bug, it is important to treat the area thoroughly in order to ensure the active ingredient in the spray makes direct contact with these pests. As soon as bed bugs make contact with the spray, they die very soon after. Always read the product label for specific information.

Pest control is not a ‘one time and you’re done’ solution for your home. You will need to keep your monthly pest control schedule up if you want to keep your home clean and healthy. Never wait until your pest problem compounds to the point where it’s out of control to do something about it.

Before having the pest control done, it’s important that you mop the floors. This will ensure a nice clean surface which will helps bind the pesticide. Of course, improved adhesion increases the effectiveness of the treatment, ensuring long term pest prevention.After treatment, it’s best not to mop as frequently if possible. The perimeter spray is designed to last approximately 30 to 90 days in terms of protection. You can still sweep or vacuum and keep the property clean, but preserving the perimeter-treated zone around the wall edges, skirting boards and kick boards for instance, is really important.

A few types pest control services in Jaipur are:1. Termite Control 2. Pest control for lizards 3. Pest Control for bugs and insects 4. Pest Control for bedbugs 5. Herbal pest control, etc.

Pest Control is important as pests can be both a nuisance and a danger to health. They can attack and contaminate food intended for hu- mans, damage the structure of your premises (such as electric cables) and spread many forms of disease and harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

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