Mosquitoes Treatment


One may find various kinds of pests in ones premises, but flies and mosquitoes are the ones that have the capability to not only make you sick but also it can annoy you to the core, especially during the sticky, sweaty rainy weather. With Kushagra Pest Master’s Flying Insects and Mosquito Controlling Technique you can be assured to be in safe hands. Our state of the art and absolutely latest pest controlling techniques have earned us many accolades and has made us the leading Pest Controller in all over Rajasthan.

There are many techniques used for the treatment of flies and mosquitoes in our country and around the world, we at Kushagra Pest Master are best known for applying techniques that are locally apt to use. Our team shall first inspect your area only then we convey to our clients the best way to treat that particular pest, which shall insure that your area is of pests for a long time, as no one in the world can guarantee the complete removal of pest from the environment.

Our Techniques Include:


This takes place by spraying and the use of chemicals that are completely harmless to humans. These very chemicals are totally spotless and odorless. We at Kushagra Pest Master consider environment safety as a priority and spend a great deal of our time in search of ways that can eliminate pests using the only environment friendly products during the process.

Glue Traps-

We have all the required equipments necessary to eliminate pests in your respective premises, whether it is your home or your office KPM is always at your service. Glue traps are used in places where there is intense fly and mosquito problem and we place them at the request of our clients if they are greatly troubled by these creatures.

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Started with PEST CONTROL SERVICES IN AJMER, KPM has now extended its services across Rajasthan. The team not only knows the tricks and techniques of controlling pest but also the experience it has gained throughout its journey also help us put forth best PEST CONTROL SERVICES IN RAJASTHAN.

Our Testimonial

I and my Husband often visit our kids which are settled abroad and stay there for few months. Every year, when we used to come back home after meeting our children, we used to find our home in a complete mess with woodwork severely damaged by rats, cockroaches and termites all together. Thanks to god, I found the Kushagra Pest Master team, as there are no bad feelings on opening the doors of my home after six months’ vacation abroad.

Mukesh Poddar

In the past few years, I have had very bad time dealing with flies, cockroaches, pests etc. I tried all the measures to get rid of this nuisance and was disappointed as nothing worked out well and pests never got out of my home. They made sure that not any corner is left untouched and since then there are no pests at my place. Had a great experience with Kushagra Pest Master. I am seriously very thankful to them.

Sonu Kumar